Welcome to Urban Engineering, I am a civil engineer living and working in Brisbane, Australia. I have started this blog as I’m unhappy with the quality of urban design/engineering I see in my local area and typically in cities across Australia. We live in such a beautiful country it is unfair for our cities to be slaves to the automobile. Urban engineering is about recreating cities, roads and public spaces with people as the design priority.

The traditional urban design pyramid has placed cars at the top with pedestrians and cyclists as second thoughts. Urban planners are now fighting to flip the pyramid on its head and design cities and places for people first.

So what is this blog going to do? Well I whenever I see yet another poor example of bicycle or pedestrian infrastructure I think to myself “I could do better than that”. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I have the qualifications and the design tools at my disposal so why not? I will be walking and cycling the streets looking for areas that need my attention,  identifying the problem and then redesigning it as an urban engineer. Rather than just looking at urban design as a whole I want to apply it to the spaces around me and see how they would look! This will be my first foray into urban engineering so I look forward to your help along the way! Do you know of a street, intersection or space that fails to prioritise people? Let me know and we can work on a solution together.

A few future posts and topics to look forward to include:

  • Do you really have to drive to the station?
  • Road flaring – what is it and why it sucks in an urban environment
  • Sylvan Rd protected cycle lane design
  • North Brisbane Bikeway design
  • Desire lines, what can we learn from them?

2 thoughts on “About

  1. really like the intention of you blog, but think you should have the courage to identify yourself.
    Nameless (its frustrating isn’t it)

    1. Hi Nameless, thanks for the comment – my name is Manning, as shown in the “author” section of this wordpress blog. I’ve made no attempt to hide my identity and I regularly link to this blog from my personal twitter account – I don’t see it as being relevant to what I’m writing about, this blog is not about me personally. Hope you keep reading, I’ve got lots more in the works. Cheers

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